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Claudia Mills Studio produces two types of custom rugs:
Claudia Mills Custom and Runner Project Custom.
Claudia Mills Custom rugs are designed to accomodate any width
and length combination. Runner Project Custom designs are based on 2’ widths and multiples of 2’ widths seamed together for larger rugs. Both styles are available in 100% cotton or leather in wide variety of colors.

Prices are as follows:
Runner Project Custom – based on the 2’width
  $70/sq. ft. for rag rugs
  $80/sq. ft. for leather rugs
(We keep a loom permanently set up for Runner Project rugs which enables us to pass on set-up savings to our customers.)

Claudia Mills Custom – all other sizes
  $80/sq. ft. for rag rugs
  $90 /sq. ft. for leather rugs

To inquire about purchasing a custom rug, contact us via email at or phone at 215-386-2347

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